Illinois Health Matters: Local Community Based Organizations Play a Central Role in the Future of Successful National Health Care Reform and in Keeping Residents Healthy

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Chicago, Illinois (PRWEB) October 19, 2011

Today, Illinois Health Matters launched Neighborhood Stories — the third release in an ongoing multimedia series. This installment reveals through video and investigative journalism the importance of community based organizations, such as neighborhood health centers and grassroots health coalitions. Such organizations provide a variety of comprehensive services to people in underserved communities, such as the South and West Sides of Chicago, who often do not have health insurance or access to quality, affordable care.

In Community-Based Organizations Play a Critical Role in Reform, author Jeffrey Steele finds community organizations act as a vital link between the federal level ACA, the state-level policies that result from the act, and the people who will benefit from the new health care law. Steele describes various ways that the trusted and respected individuals who work in community-based organizations, deemed “mother hens” by Celine Woznica, program director for the Asian Health Coalition in Chicago, can help with the implementation of the ACA. These “mother hens” are recognized community resources, providing answers to a range of questions, from where to go for a flu shot or citizenship classes. These staff are the very people who have to be well versed on the Affordable Care Act, and how to help people take advantage of it — from preventive care to the health exchange.

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