Clopton Capital Announces US Credit Downgrade Will Benefit their Alternative Investment Fund

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Chicago, Illinois (PRWEB) August 10, 2011

Eric Smith, an executive officer at Clopton Capital had the following to say about current economic events, It is now more than common knowledge that the credit rating agency Standard & Poors has now downgraded American treasuries to AA+. While it is the opinion of many that the direct ramifications of this have been exaggerated, the speculative effect this is having on the stock market is incredibly apparent and detrimental. One irony of the recent stock market decline is that the very treasury notes that were downgraded and caused this decline are one of the best-selling investments at present. This downgrade and subsequent nosedive in the market is expected to have a systemic effect on every economy and market that is in any way tied to the United States.

Clopton Capital, a commercial loans and commercial mortgages operation located in Chicago, IL has recently launched a hedge fund prior to this downgrade. The founder of this fund, Jake Clopton, claims to not be worried about this affecting his alternative investment hedge fund. In fact because of the nature of Clopton Capitals alternative investments Jake Clopton believes it will actually benefit him and his investors alike by creating more interest in is fund as an alternative to the traditional stock market. We are really feeling optimistic about recent turmoil. This money which is leaving the stock market is looking for a home and for those who more than the paltry returns of treasury bonds we feel we are the best home for that money, said Jake Clopton., Clopton Capitals alternative investments hedge fund website will continue to be promoted via publicity and search engine optimization campaigns despite the loss in confidence being seen this week within the stock markets. These efforts are continuing because Clopton Capital feels now is a prime opportunity to promote a hedge fund that is devoid of public shares of stock.

Clopton Capital can be contacted at their primary website, or at 866.647.1650. Information on their investments hedge fund can be found at


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